Attorney Jobs in Madison, WI

Attorney jobs in Madison, WI can be a great fit for people with strong writing, analytical and oral skills. UpCounsel matches businesses with highly-rated lawyers in Madison. This makes it easy for businesses to select the right legal professionals for their legal needs. And UpCounsel makes it easy to manage the process from hiring to firing.

UpCounsel helps businesses find attorneys and lawyers in Madison, Wisconsin

UpCounsel matches clients with top-rated attorneys based on their needs, location, and industry. This unique platform has proven to be extremely useful for both businesses and individuals looking for representation. UpCounsel’s matching process makes it easy to find a top-notch attorney at an affordable rate.

UpCounsel is an online marketplace for legal services, allowing users to search, compare, and hire attorneys. Its service was first launched in New York and California, and it’s based in San Francisco. The company announced in February that it would shut down on March 4, 2020. However, in a change of ownership, the company has relaunched under Enduring Ventures.

Attorneys with strong writing, oral and analytical skills

Attorneys with strong writing, oral and analytical abilities can work at several prominent law firms in Madison, Wi. Among the top firms in the city is BCG Attorney Search, which is seeking an Associate Attorney with three years of legal experience in investment management. Candidates should have a strong understanding of financial services law and be highly motivated.

Lawyers must have strong analytical and critical thinking skills to succeed in the profession. They must be constantly aware of the latest developments in the law field. In addition, they must be knowledgeable of state laws, constitutions, and regulations, as well as U.S. codes and regulations. These skills must be developed early on in one’s career to succeed.

Firms that hire attorney jobs in Madison, WI

If you’re looking for Associate Attorney jobs in Madison, WI, you’ll have a few different options. The average salary for an associate attorney in Madison, WI is about $73K per year, and the average annual salary for a full-time attorney is $112K. There are currently 36 Associate Attorney job openings in Madison, WI. The majority of associate attorney jobs in a law firm are support positions with minimal client contact. These positions generally involve performing legal research and providing document drafting. In addition, associate attorney jobs may also involve assisting with more complex or sensitive cases.

If you’re interested in a position in governmental law, the Office of the City Attorney (OCA) has a variety of internship opportunities for law students. Interns will work for 10 to 15 hours a week and be involved in research and writing assignments. Interns are typically University of Wisconsin students but are also welcome from other schools if they have legal internship experience. You can apply for an internship through OCA’s website or the UW Law School Placement Office.

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